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New receival report for growers and buyers in EziGrain

Viterra is launching a new Cumulative Receival Report to allow grain growers and buyers access to aggregated grade information to assist with their respective marketing decisions. (more…)

Harvest starts on Eyre Peninsula

Harvest on the Eyre Peninsula is underway after Viterra received its first load into Poochera yesterday (10 October). (more…)

South Australian grain harvest commences

Viterra received its first load of new season grain yesterday, signalling the start of harvest in South Australia. (more…)

7 million tonnes shipped from South Australia

Viterra has cracked 7 million tonnes in bulk grain exports for the 2016/17 season as it continues to move South Australia’s record-breaking crop. (more…)

Viterra investments to benefit growers

Viterra’s Tumby Bay site is receiving a million dollar upgrade in time for the 2017/18 harvest for the benefit of local growers, carriers and the wider economy. (more…)

6.9Million tonnes exported
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