Making deliveries

Site opening hours

During harvest, site opening hours are regularly updated on and the Ezigrain app. Where possible, SMS alerts are sent to growers in the event of changed site opening hours, due to unforeseen circumstances including extreme weather conditions such as thunderstorms, high winds and extreme heat.

To register to receive SMS alerts about opening hours or to amend the specific sites and ports you receive information about, subscribe by calling the Viterra Service Centre on 1800 018 205.

Site segregation plan

Check for the latest site segregation information under 'Storage Allocation' or contact the Viterra Service Centre on 1800 018 205.

Deliveries into Port Adelaide, Port Lincoln and Wallaroo

Port Adelaide, Port Lincoln and Wallaroo are primarily export shipping terminals as well as the local delivery points for some growers.

The ports terminals are managed to facilitate shipping requirements to meet peak demands and maximise the efficiency of the storage and handling network, for the benefit of growers, exporters and the industry.

Growers within the local delivery zone for each port will be able to deliver grain, in line with the available segregations.

Growers outside the local delivery zone may be able to deliver when certain commodities are required for shipping, growers will be advised via SMS.

Inner Harbour (Pt Adel) delivery map

Port Lincoln delivery map

Wallaroo delivery map

Important points for drivers at the sites


Recent harvests have seen an increasing number of vehicles moving without anyone in control of the vehicle.

In order to protect the safety of everyone associated with our operations it is a requirement that:

  • vehicles accessing Viterra sites be adequately maintained and all brakes to be in good working order.
  • park brakes be applied at all times before leaving the vehicle cabin.
  • park brake alarms, where installed, be used.

If you require disengagement of brakes for the purposes of discharging or receiving your load (for example tip over axle vehicles), you will be required to implement a safe system of work to the satisfaction of Viterra employees. Please contact your local Viterra site to discuss this prior to harvest.

After reviewing any incident of an uncontrolled vehicle movement, Viterra may take appropriate and necessary action. This may include requiring evidence of certification, roadworthiness and denying access to sites if a vehicle is deemed to be unsafe.


  • Always reverse in when entering a bunker.
  • When tipping/backing into bunkers, chains on tailgates should be completely removed to assist stockpiling grain into the one heap.
  • Trucks should not turn around on the bunker but move off slowly, directly out.
  • Extra care needs to be taken in wet conditions.

Employees on site are there to direct and guide drivers to ensure that everything is done in a safe and efficient way.

This helps ensure we can maximise the number of trucks moving around the site.


To efficiently run the drive over hoppers and reduce turnaround times, we ask that drivers have chains on tailgates set at a 100mm gap.

This gap ensures grain goes directly onto the underbelly belt on the hopper, helping to maximise its performance. It also reduces spillage around the chassis, rims and on concrete so there is less cleaning required making it a safer task for drivers and Viterra employees.

Cash and pool options at receival sites

Electronic ticketing sites will have all cash price and pool options available to growers at the time of delivery.

A number of Viterra's smaller sites (approximately 15 manual ticketing sites) do not have a cash price delivery option.

Pool ESRs are not available at sites. This information is available on or direct from the marketers. Growers can deliver direct to pools.

Live cash pricing

At sites where cash pricing options are available, grain marketers now have the option of changing their cash prices throughout the day.

The cash price applicable at the site is printed on your Weighnote at time of delivery.

Given cash prices can change throughout the day we encourage you to check the price on the Weighnote before leaving the classification stand.

The price displayed on is provided for guidance.

Export Select and Export Select Only sites

Viterra provides its grain buyer customers with a range of storage, handling and transportation options, including a bundled supply chain offering called Export Select. Export Select ensures timely and efficient movement of grain from upcountry sites to port for shipping and is significantly contributing to the efficient management of the accumulation and logistics operation.

If growers wish to retain physical ownership upcountry (e.g. for domestic outturn) it is important to check the site delivered to is not designated as Export Select Only for the commodity or grade being delivered.

The 2016/17 Site Categorisation document which outlines Export Select Only sites can be found in schedule D in the Pricing, Procedures and Protocols Manual (schedule A-L) in the buyer documents section of this website