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Postharvest survey review

Thank you for your support during the 2020/21 harvest.

We appreciate the valuable feedback we have received through our postharvest survey and thank you for the time taken to complete it. It plays an important part in our postharvest review and in understanding our customers’ needs so that we can continue to improve and deliver a valuable and efficient service.

We received more than 5.8 million tonnes into our network this season. It is pleasing to see a more average year following consecutive years of challenging growing and harvesting conditions.

We have seen a return to a more export focused market and continue to see strong demand for grain from our system.

Viterra has multiple buyers and exporters in our system sending grain around the world which provides a benefit by having a number of options on who you sell your grain to.

Internal meetings have commenced with employees which include discussions on individual site results and feedback. We will hold meetings with local growers and Strategic Site Committee Chairs to discuss the results for their respective areas. We will also speak with grower and carrier survey respondents who consented to being contacted to obtain more information on feedback provided through the survey.


Congratulations to the three winners of our survey competition, who have each won a $1000 donation to their nominated community group:

  • Robin Schwartz – Waterloo District War Memorial Association
  • Tysan Mickan – Cummins and District War Memorial Swimming Pool
  • Kingsley MacDonald – Navigator College Port Lincoln
Services available at site

Growers and carriers rated our classification, dynamic binning, receival/elevation equipment, turnaround times, segregations and opening hours.

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  • Majority of respondents believed our overall service delivery and operations had improved during the 2020/21 harvest compared to the harvest prior.
  • Dynamic binning ratings have tracked consistently overall since it was introduced ahead of the 2018/19 harvest.
    • $3.8 million in value was delivered to growers who were able to access higher grades during the 2020/21 harvest. More than double the number of tonnes were upgraded this season compared to last.
  • Opening hours and classification have recorded ratings showing continued improvement for the last three harvests. Feedback included “the flexibility of opening times was a great benefit.”
    • We have a strong focus on providing flexible opening hours and extending them when needed, which was particularly important this year given the seasonal conditions.
    • Continue our focus on training for classification employees and investment into our laboratory to ensure growers receive consistent and reliable testing.
  • Feedback on segregations also improved this harvest.
    • We worked with growers to ensure we had segregations at sites across the network that matched what was being harvested. Over the last three harvests, we have seen a year on year improvement in the number of responses we have received in our planting survey. The more feedback we receive enables us to more closely match segregations to growers’ needs.
  • Turnaround times and receival/elevation equipment were highlighted as areas for improvement.
    • We will have more discussions to further understand where we need to focus at an individual site level, and identify potential operational changes, process changes or potential investment we can put in place to improve. 
  • Investment in our digital delivery advice within the Viterra app to streamline the delivery process and improve turnaround times. We conducted a trial of our digital delivery advice service with a group of users during the harvest period who provided very positive feedback.
    • Feedback from users involved in the trial included; “very easy to use, saved a lot of time and reduced clutter in the truck,” and “in September last year we didn’t know about the digital delivery advice and now we can’t live without it.”
  • The project supports our focus of investing in technology to improve our services and will save time during the delivery process with the following benefits:
    • Reduce the amount of information entered at the classification office making the process more efficient.
    • Duplicate delivery advices when using the same information rather than completing a new advice form each time.
    • Save and prefill information that is regularly entered such as trucks, paddocks and deliverers.
    • More easily reconcile and reference data in Ezigrain with improved accuracy of information and data entered.
  • Continuing to invest around $40 million into our sites each year where it provides the greatest value to our customers through creating efficiencies, improving reliability and ensuring the long-term sustainability of infrastructure.
  • Continue to work with growers to understand and meet their needs.

Safety is our number one priority and we work hard to ensure the safety of everyone at our sites.


In response to COVID-19, we put a number of measures in place to manage the health and wellbeing of our employees, growers, carriers, visitors and broader community. We also made changes to the delivery process for the 2020/21 harvest to align with government COVID-19 guidelines.

  • Feedback on how we responded to COVID-19 and the measures we put in place was very positive.

“Fantastic that sites were still open whilst maintaining safety of staff, growers and carriers.”

“It really didn’t impact on any of the day to day delivery of grain. I thought Viterra did a good job with their guidelines and how they handled all the advice.”

“Viterra did a great job with COVID-19 and the changes were fairly insignificant to our business.”

“It all went very well, keep up the great work.”

“Everything was excellent.”

“I personally think Viterra did an excellent job considering the circumstances.”

“Changes had no effect on my experience, still easy to deal with and didn’t cause any hold ups during harvest. Simple yet effective.”

“Our responsibility was well communicated and it had no impact on silo site turnaround times which was great.”

“COVID-19 really didn’t impact any of the day to day delivery of grain, I thought Viterra did a good job with their guidelines and how they handled all the advice.”

  • During harvest, there were a number of incidents involving trucks at our sites. We communicated directly to growers and liaised with industry to improve safety on site.
  • We continued to focus on ensuring the safety of everyone at our sites and communicate the importance of safety and the procedures that must be followed onsite to keep people safe.
  • Continue to monitor and respond to government COVID-19 advice and guidelines.
  • In response to a growing number of incidents involving trucks at our sites, we will have a strong focus on increasing driver awareness and attention in the lead up to the 2021/22 harvest. We will also liaise with industry to identify any further opportunities to reduce these incidents.
  • Maintain our strong safety focus. We have a number of strategies in place to improve safety which includes investing in further training for employees. These strategies aim to reduce the risk of injuries and create a safe working environment for our employees, visitors and the communities in which we operate.
Communication, information and online platforms

We have a strong focus on communicating to growers in a timely and efficient manner and continue to invest in our online platforms to give growers easy access to information.

Communication, information and online platforms.jpg
  • Results showed that the majority of respondents were satisfied or very satisfied with the communication they received about site information, general business updates and safety.
  • Results showed that the majority of respondents were satisfied or very satisfied with our online platforms (website, Ezigrain and app) with a significant satisfaction improvement for the Viterra app.
  • Feedback on the Viterra app included:

“The Viterra app was a great improvement – easy to use and access personal delivery information and create transfers.”

“Well done on the app. Grain selling made easy.”

“Makes looking up daily cash prices a lot easier and quicker.”

  • We released a summary of delivered tonnes in the Ezigrain section of the Viterra app which can be filtered by date range, commodity, variety, grade and paddock. The new feature followed feedback from growers and introducing it during harvest was very well received by growers.
  • Review the way in which we communicate to growers to provide information in a way in which it is preferred.
  • New Viterra website with improved navigation, functionality and usability. The new website will also incorporate features to make it easier for growers to access preferred information.
  • Continue to invest in improvements and maintenance of the Viterra app.
  • The number of growers subscribed to Viterra app notifications has more than doubled and we will continue to look at ways to improve this service.
  • Introduce new reports in Ezigrain that contain more detailed information in a more concise format.
  • Provide more information to assist growers in using our online platforms and understand the functionality available and how it can benefit their business.
Warehouse to cash

We released our new warehouse to cash service ahead of the 2020/21 harvest to enable growers to instantly sell and transfer warehoused grain to a cash price.

Warehouse to cash.jpg

We had more than 20 buyers post prices to purchase grain, more than 3900 transfers and $106 million worth of grain sold.

  • The new service received very positive ratings in the survey. The majority of growers rated the service as excellent or very good for its ease of use, making it easier to sell and transfer grain and adding value to growers’ businesses.
  • The service also included the ability to sell grain to a sustainable cash price.
  • Survey responses indicated there are a number of growers that were not aware of the new service.
  • Continue to increase awareness and provide information on the service and its benefits to growers.