Time to register your interest to work during the grain harvest with Viterra

Up to 1500 seasonal jobs are up for grabs this year, working during the 2021/22 grain harvest with Viterra, the agriculture network. 

As a major employer in regional South Australia, Viterra significantly increases its workforce each year to help receive the season’s grain.

Harvest workers play a critical role providing local growers with an efficient, high level of service during a busy time of year across mostly regional areas of South Australia and western Victoria.

The interesting and varied work offers a range of benefits, including training to develop new skills and a friendly, supportive team environment. No previous experience is necessary, so people from a range of backgrounds can apply. The roles may appeal to people between jobs, school and college leavers including gap years, as well as travellers of all ages and those just wanting to do something a bit different.

Viterra Operations Manager Michael Hill says, “if you join us for the harvest, you will have an opportunity to learn new things, enjoy the outdoors and meet great people.”

“The work can be physically demanding but also very rewarding. Our teams know they are making a difference in the community by supporting local growers to deliver their grain for the harvest,” Michael says.

A harvest job is hands on and there are many types of roles available to receive and handle grain including bunker operators who undertake tasks such as unloading grain from trucks and directing traffic; and weighbridge operators who are responsible for digitally recording the weight of trucks when they arrive and before they leave. There are also general grain handling positions which involve operating equipment and machinery that unloads grain from vehicles into storage.

Leadership roles include leading teams on site with other office-based work such as classifying and testing grain when growers deliver grain.

“Harvest jobs are available across Viterra’s 55 sites from October through to January, with times depending on the season’s conditions. There is the flexibility to travel with the harvest and work at different sites depending on which areas are in the peak of receivals,” says Michael.

Viterra receives very positive feedback from harvest workers with many returning for subsequent seasons.   

More information and to express your interest in a position.