Viterra outturns 5.2 million tonnes of grain

Growers delivered around 4000 tonnes into Viterra sites last month, bringing receivals closer to the six million tonne mark for total harvest deliveries. Loads last month were mainly lentils and faba beans.

Viterra Chief Operations Officer James Murray says grain from the Viterra network continues to be in strong demand from the business' export customers.

"It's a great success story for local growers. The outturn of grain through our port terminals since the start of the shipping season totals more than 5.2 million tonnes with grain reaching 28 different international destinations," James says.

"Growers delivering into the Viterra system have a wide range of options for who to sell their grain to with more than 30 buyers that have posted prices and are purchasing directly from them."

Viterra expects that export demand will continue and is working closely with its buyer customers to meet their needs. The business is also preparing its sites with the anticipation of a good upcoming harvest, following above average rainfall across the state in recent weeks which has replenished soil moisture.

"The rain has been welcomed by growers who experienced a drier start to the seeding season, with most cropping areas now looking to have a promising growing season," James says.

With this in mind, Viterra preparations are ramping up for the 2021/22 harvest with the recent opening of applications for seasonal jobs.

Viterra's harvest workforce plays a critical role in providing an efficient service to grower customers delivering grain to Viterra's storage and handling sites across South Australia and western Victoria.

Viterra Human Resources Manager Alyson Gilbey says the roles are more important than ever, particularly with the positive looking harvest.

"There are jobs available at 55 sites across South Australia and western Victoria and is a great opportunity for anyone looking for seasonal work," Alyson says.

“Anyone can apply, with no need for prior experience. We give on-the-job training and development to ensure employees have the skills and support they need to take on a wide range of roles."