Viterra underway with harvest preparations

Viterra is ramping up its preparations as the 2021/22 harvest season draws closer with sites getting ready to receive growers’ grain and provide a valuable and efficient service, including wide access to domestic and export markets around the world.

Viterra Chief Operations Officer James Murray says strong demand for grain from the Viterra network has continued with a massive 5.2 million tonnes loaded for the export market since the start of the season.

The strong outturn programme in combination with around 10 million tonnes of storage and low carry over stock puts us in good stead to receive growers’ harvested grain,” James says.

With good levels of rainfall, the harvest is looking promising and Viterra is in search for 1500 seasonal employees to bolster its workforce at 55 sites across South Australia and western Victoria. Harvest employees play a critical role in helping to move growers’ grain into storage. 

Viterra offers a supportive team environment with the potential to travel with the harvest to work at different sites. Positions are available from approximately October until January 2022.

“It is a great opportunity for job seekers to join our business. Anyone can apply as no experience is necessary and complete on the job training is provided,” James says.

Viterra is set to release a new digital delivery advice service to its customers ahead of the 2021/22 harvest, which will save its grower customers time and streamline the delivery process.

We conducted a trial with a small number of users last harvest who rated the digital delivery advice very positively. We also sought their suggestions to make further enhancements to it ahead of its roll out this harvest, James says.

The digital delivery advice which can be used by growers and any member of a grower’s farming business is available in the Ezigrain section of the Viterra app, and will join warehouse to cash which was released last harvest.

It reflects our continued focus of providing a high level of service to grower customers and investing where it creates greatest value for them, James says.

Viterra invests around $40 million each year into its supply chain which includes to create efficiencies, improve sustainability and advance technologies.