Viterra’s postharvest meetings underway

Viterra has recently held its postharvest meetings with strategic site committee chairs and employees, with local grower sessions now commencing.

Postharvest meetings play an important role in Viterra’s review of the harvest, and its operations and services delivered during this time, and helps to begin planning for the next season.

Strategic site committees and their chairs act as representatives for growers in their respective areas across the Viterra network. They are a key communication channel for two way feedback between Viterra and its grower customers.

Each year the business holds face to face briefings with its strategic site committee chairs (SSCCs), local growers and employees following the harvest period to provide an update on operations and services, as well as seek feedback on a regional and individual site level.

A number of Viterra employees presented at each region’s postharvest sessions for SSCCs. In addition to the postharvest survey, information included an update on the business, accumulation, and a global market outlook on grain commodities. Also covered was dynamic binning which delivered around $3.8 million in value to growers through wheat and barley upgrades, and online platforms and technology which the business continues to invest in. Prior to last harvest, Viterra released its warehouse to cash service available in Ezigrain through the Viterra app or website. It makes it quicker and easier for growers to instantly sell and transfer their warehoused grain to a cash price.

Viterra also held briefings with operational employees in each region, and operations managers are now starting individual site meetings for growers.

Viterra will continue to work with growers throughout the year to understand their needs with a focus on providing them with a valuable and efficient service. An example of which is through Viterra’s annual planting survey which is released once growers have planted their crops to seek feedback on what they have sown. The survey asks for feedback on commodities, varieties and hectares sown. The information helps the business to understand what segregations are required at Viterra sites across the state, as well as determine any opportunities or limitations for market access and meeting customer needs.