Viterra works with growers to receive the harvest

Viterra has continued to see strong demand for South Australian grain from the multiple buyers and exporters across its agricultural network, which provides growers with access to a number of end use markets.

The new season grain is now being sent abroad, after growers delivered 5.9 million tonnes of grain into Viterra sites during the 2020/21 harvest.

Viterra worked closely with growers to ensure efficient and continued operations at its sites during the harvest period. This included extending opening hours when there was a good run of weather during stop start periods of harvest, so growers could continue delivering through the day until they had finished harvesting.

The business also made changes in response to COVID-19 to align with government guidelines and advice. Viterra put measures in place at all its sites to manage the health and wellbeing of its employees, growers, carriers, visitors and the broader community. These incorporated working from home where possible, restricting business travel and limiting visitors. Other updates included physical distancing, cleaning of work areas and monitoring the number of people in work areas. Changes were also put in place to minimise contact and the exchange of paperwork during the harvest delivery process. Viterra thanks its employees and customers for their efforts and support in adapting to these changes and helping to ensure smooth operations at site.

Viterra introduced its new warehouse to cash service ahead of the 2020/21 harvest which enables growers to instantly sell and transfer their warehoused grain to a cash price. The new service received positive feedback in the business’ postharvest survey where growers rated it as easy to use.

With the 2020/21 harvest wrapped up, Viterra is in the process of conducting postharvest meetings with local growers and strategic site committee chairs to discuss harvest operations at an individual site level. Viterra will use the feedback provided as part of its preparation for the 2021/22 harvest as it looks to continue providing a valuable and efficient service to its grower customers.