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We aim to minimise our impact on the environment wherever we operate and to improve environmental sustainability right along our supply chain.

We hold an International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC) which supports our continued focus on supplying sustainable commodities from sustainable supply chains and meeting end use customers’ needs.

The ISCC is a global certification system which covers the entire supply chain for all types of biobased feedstocks and renewables, and is aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions, using land sustainably, protecting natural biospheres and being socially sustainable.

To sell grain as sustailable, growers must complete a declaration confirming their farm complies with six principles:

  • Crop shall not be produced on land with high biodiversity value or high carbon stock and not from peat land
  • Crop shall be produced in an environmentally responsible way
  • Safe working conditions shall be implemented
  • Crop production shall not violate human labour rights or land rights
  • Crop production shall take place in compliance with all applicable regional and national laws and shall follow relevant international treaties
  • Good management practices shall be implemented.

Read more about marketing sustainable commodities to Viterra.

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