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Instantly sell and transfer your warehoused grain to a cash price.


Viterra is pleased to release its new warehouse to cash service ahead of the 2020/21 harvest. Warehouse to cash makes it quicker and easier to instantly sell and transfer your warehoused grain to a cash price, and reflects our continued investment to improve our services to grower customers.

Access in Ezigrain through the Viterra app or website

  • Instantly sell and transfer warehoused grain for a cash price in an easy, three step process without needing to contact the buyer beforehand.
  • Check and compare prices and payment terms from multiple buyers.
  • Live access to cash prices and available stock in warehouse
  • Use search filters to select a parcel of grain by site, commodity and grade
  • To access in the app, download or update the Viterra app.
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Warehouse to cash is available for current season warehoused grain and is in addition to existing options for growers to sell and contract their grain. Growers can sell and transfer a maximum of 250 tonnes per transaction.

Reminder: If you are selecting a sustainable cash price, please ensure you have an ISCC certification in place with the nominated buyer.
Sustainable cash prices are available for warehoused grain only.

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Investment into our services

The project has been part of a significant investment into our services and technology for grower customers. It follows the upgrade to our IT grain management system which enabled the release of our Viterra app prior to last harvest and Warehouse to Cash ahead of this harvest.


This information is for Viterra’s grower customers. For buyer information, please contact the Viterra Commercial Relations team (08) 8385 8011.

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