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Monthly receivals report

Monday 2 August to Sunday 5 September 2021

  2 August - 5 September 2021 Total 2020/21 harvest**
Viterra total receivals* 3,204 tonnes 5,929,824 tonnes
Western region receivals 124 tonnes 1,765,915 tonnes
Central region receivals 0 tonnes 2,563,549 tonnes
Eastern region receivals*** 3,081 tonnes 1,600,360 tonnes

Viterra's harvest preparations ramping up

More than 3000 tonnes were delivered into Viterra sites last month on behalf of growers, with deliveries mainly comprising of lentils. 

Meanwhile, sites across the Viterra network are getting ready for the 2021/22 harvesting season, with a continued focus of providing a valuable and efficient service to grower customers.

Viterra Chief Operations Officer James Murray says the business is well-positioned for the harvest, which is looking positive for growers and South Australia.

"We have been facilitating a very strong season of shipping on behalf of several exporters, which is beneficial for growers as we are able to connect them to a number of markets around the world," James says.

"We've outturned 5.5 million tonnes of grain, so we also have very low carry over stock. This combined with around 10 million tonnes of storage means that we have the capacity required to receive what growers deliver into us.

"We are working directly with our growers and grower committees as we approach harvest, to ensure sites are equipped to meet their needs."

Last week, Viterra released its planting survey results which showed an increase in wheat and lentil plantings across the state, and a reduction in barley plantings at just over 5% compared with the previous season.

The survey indicated that the main barley varieties sown this year are Spartacus and Compass, making up a total of 75% of the barley crop, with a decrease in Scope barley plantings. Nipper type lentils have also increased as a result of more plantings of Highland lentil variety.

Viterra is pleased to donate $1000 each to the three community groups nominated by growers who completed the planting survey.

Congratulations to the three survey winners and their community group of choice:

•    Trevor Cliff, Eyre Peninsula, nominated Kimba Show Society 
•    Greg Klopp, Yorke Peninsula, nominated Maitland Apex Group
•    Anonymous grower, nominated Kapunda Homes.

Other preparations include Viterra recruiting for 1500 seasonal workers to help deliver the harvest at 55 sites across South Australia and western Victoria. There is still time to apply, with no experience necessary as Viterra provides on the job training and workers receive good rates of pay.

The business is also preparing to release its new digital delivery advice. The service which will be launched soon will save time and streamline the delivery process for growers. The service will be available in the Viterra app and can be used by growers and any members of a growers’ farming business.

"We continue to invest in our supply chain and services where it creates the greatest value to our grower customers," James says.

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