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Monthly receivals report

Monday 10 January to Sunday 6 February 2022 report

   10 January - 6 February 2022 Total 2021/22 harvest**
Viterra total receivals* 94,989 tonnes 5,739,751 tonnes
Western region receivals 18,742 tonnes 2,005,632 tonnes
Central region receivals 34,639 tonnes 2,603,662 tonnes
Eastern region receivals*** 41,608 tonnes 1,130,457 tonnes

Welcome to Viterra’s first monthly receivals report for 2021/22

During the last month, growers delivered close to 95,000 tonnes of grain into Viterra sites, taking our total receivals to nearly 5.74 million tonnes. Wheat accounted for the majority of commodities, followed by faba beans, barley and lentils.
At this time of the year, grain stored on farm is making up most of the deliveries. A number of Viterra sites will remain open for growers with on farm grain, with options for customers to deliver by appointment, or alternatively take advantage of Viterra’s port direct.
For deliveries to warehouse or for cash on delivery, Viterra is asking growers to contact their regional office to make an appointment. Information on which grades and sites available is on Viterra’s website.
Viterra’s port direct service for growers with grain on farm
As harvest comes to a close, growers with on farm grain can access Viterra’s port direct, which offers choice and flexibility for both growers and buyers.
Viterra Operations Manager Michael Hill says the service enables growers with grain stored on farm to deliver directly to port for loading on a vessel at a buyer’s call contract.
“Both growers and buyers benefit through port direct with reductions in receival fees,” Michael says.

Port direct is available at all Viterra ports for customers across South Australia and western Victoria.
“Growers just need to call their buyer to book the service and ask for the latest prices on offer,” Michael says.
Postharvest survey
Viterra’s annual postharvest survey closed on Sunday with winners of the prize draw to be announced this week and a summary of results to follow at a later date.
The survey seeks feedback from growers and carriers about their customer experience with Viterra’s storage and handling services in the last harvest season, including ease of delivery, safe and efficient operations and communications.
Viterra Strategy & Process Improvement Manager Gavin Cavanagh says the questionnaire contributes to planning customer products and services for the following year.
“We really value the feedback we receive from growers and carriers through the survey and in conversation during the year, as they experience our operations first hand. We want to be sure we are meeting our customers’ needs and getting our services right for them,” Gavin says.
To thank customers for completing the survey, Viterra is drawing three entrants at random this week to win a $1000 donation for a community group of their choice.
“We are delighted to support local groups this way. We are part of the communities where we operate, with many of our employees and customers living and working in the areas around or near our sites,” Gavin says.

* This data is subject to variation due to individual site operations and the timing of reports.
** The total 2021/22 data includes grain received into Viterra’s storage and handling network since 6 October 2021.
*** Eastern region data includes Inner Harbour and Victorian sites.

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