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Monthly receivals report

Monday 3 May to Sunday 6 June 2021 report

  3 May - 6 June 2021 Total 2020/21 harvest**
Viterra total receivals* 9,808 tonnes 5,915,103 tonnes
Western region receivals 361 tonnes 1,765,724 tonnes
Central region receivals 376 tonnes 2,563,188 tonnes
Eastern region receivals*** 9,071 tonnes 1,586,191 tonnes

Growers delivered over 9800 tonnes of grain into Viterra’s network from Monday 3 May to Sunday 6 June.

Viterra Chief Operations Officer James Murray says growers who deliver into the Viterra network are benefitting from continued domestic and international market access for their grain.

“Grain in our network is in strong demand and our sites remain very busy outturning for export on behalf of local growers,” James says.

“Our focus on quality management and food safety ensures end use customers receive stock that meets their requirements, which in turn maintains market access for growers. It is integrated into all activities and operations.”

In a show of Viterra’s ongoing prioritisation of food safety, the company has recently received quality accreditation renewals following external audits.

An annual audit by the Halal Certification Authority Australia has formally acknowledged Viterra’s capability in storing and handling grain through its packing facilities and port terminals in line with Halal standards to meet customer specifications as required. Halal grain is not prepared with products such as alcohol and animal by-products.

Viterra also recently received recertification by the China Quality Certification Centre for adherence to procedures for managing food safety and the transportation and storage of cereal products. The three year certification applies to Viterra’s deep sea terminals at Port Lincoln, Port Giles and Outer Harbor for grain destined for China.

“The different accreditations that we have held for many years support our consistent commitment and expertise,” James says.

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