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___2023.24 weekly receivals report.5818644688730236978.jpg

Monthly receivals report

Monday 1 April to Sunday 5 May 2024 report

  1 April - 5 May 2024 Total 2023/24 harvest**
Viterra total receivals* 8,756 tonnes 5,655,192 tonnes
Western region receivals 2,762 tonnes 1,894,232 tonnes
Central region receivals 2,134 tonnes 2,343,515 tonnes
Eastern region receivals 3,860 tonnes 1,417,445 tonnes

Growers delivered 8,700 tonnes to Viterra during April.

Meanwhile we reached a shipping milestone, loading the 100th vessel with growers’ grain this season.

On behalf of 17 exporters, our team have now shipped more than 4.6 million tonnes to 31 countries around the world, helping us meet the high international demand for grain from the Viterra network.

Viterra seeks grower feedback on draft segregations for 2024/25 harvest

Viterra is encouraging growers to provide feedback on its draft segregation plan for the 2024/25 harvest to help ensure segregations match their needs.

Key changes include an overall increase in segregations for Nipper type lentils, genetically modified (GM) canola and Commodus malt barley, following the variety receiving its malt accreditation. Segregations for field peas and Spartacus, Compass and Planet malt barley have reduced based on a decline in plantings.

Viterra General Manager Operations, Gavin Cavanagh says the draft segregation plans are based on discussions with growers on what they plan to plant this year.

“We have been working with our grower customers to understand what they will grow this season and use this information to help inform our segregations, while also considering how we can maximise elevation capacity and minimise turnaround times during harvest,” Gavin says.

“We encourage growers to get in touch to provide their feedback on what we are planning to receive at their local site to help us match segregations to their needs.”

Growers can provide feedback by contacting their local grower relationship manager, operations manager or site contact, or online through a new form on the Viterra website.

Read more.

View Viterra’s draft 2024/25 segregation plans.

Viterra appoints new Eastern region grower relationship manager

Viterra has appointed Mark Abell as its new Eastern region Grower Relationship Manager to support the business in the continual development and improvement of Viterra’s service to grower customers.

Mark brings 20 years of Viterra operations experience to the role, beginning as a harvest worker at Viterra’s Port Giles terminal and working his way up to Operations Coordinator where he was responsible for managing multiple sites.

Viterra’s grower relationship managers offer tailored support to grower customers, and assist in navigating all aspects of our network including operations, transactions and marketing. Mark joins Kym Scott and Andrew Lehmann, the grower relationship managers for Viterra’s Western and Central regions.

Read more.

Adelaide Crows, Viterra to hold first Country Connect event at Lameroo this weekend

Viterra is pleased to be holding the first of its Country Connect events in partnership with the Adelaide Football Club at Lameroo on Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 May.

Earlier this year, Viterra announced a two-year partnership with the Adelaide Football Club, aimed at supporting regional communities through a series of events and initiatives.

As part of this weekend’s inaugural event, past and present Crows AFL and AFLW players will attend the Southern Mallee Suns match day and Trivia Night on Saturday 11 May.

The players will then support the running of a junior coaching clinic for children aged 5-15 on Sunday morning, alongside a Mother’s Day BBQ brunch provided by Viterra.

A number of Crows Country memberships will also be available to registered attendees on a first-come, first-served basis.

The link to register for the junior coaching clinic is available on the Viterra website, and registrations are open to all children in the Murray Mallee region.

Learn more about our partnership with the Adelaide Football Club and Country Connect programme.

Viterra’s Lameroo site becomes canvas in latest silo art project

A Viterra silo located in Lameroo, in the Murray Mallee region of South Australia, is the latest structure to go under the brush, with a 24-metre tall mural that celebrates the town’s farming history.

This is the 13th silo mural project to adorn Viterra structures across South Australia, connecting rural communities through art and tourism.

The mural depicts a hyper-realistic portrait of a farmer surveying his land at sunrise, a reference to the town’s agricultural beginnings and a symbol of the unwavering spirit of the Mallee. It was designed by internationally renowned muralist Sam “Smug” Bates, whose extensive resume includes a painting on another Viterra silo in Wirrabara in the Southern Flinders Ranges.

The project, which was designed in consultation with the local community, has been the vision and mission of community volunteer group, Lameroo Forward Inc, for the past three years and was completed during April.

Read more.

LAMEROO-Silo-Art_240512_098_WebRes tinied.png
Lameroo silo art

* This data is subject to variation due to individual site operations and the timing of reports.
** The total 2023/24 data includes grain received into Viterra’s storage and handling network since 25 September 2023.

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