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Weekly harvest report

Week ending Sunday 3 January 2021 report

  21 December – 3 January 2021 Total 2020/21 harvest**
Viterra total receivals* 299,481 tonnes 5,733,790 tonnes
Western region receivals 26,408 tonnes 1,750,809 tonnes
Central region receivals 122,500 tonnes 2,488,020 tonnes
Eastern region receivals*** 150,572 tonnes 1,494,961 tonnes

We received just under 300,000 tonnes of grain into our network over the past two weeks taking total receivals to over 5.73 million tonnes.

Viterra Eastern region Operations Manager Jo Klitscher says Frances is currently the regions busiest site.

“The majority of our sites are slowing down, however Frances is picking up and is currently our busiest site,” Jo says.

Frances became our seventh site to break its daily receival record this harvest with 4106 tonnes delivered on Tuesday 29 December. The site beat its previous record which was set during the bumper 2016/17 harvest when 3456 tonnes were delivered in a day.

Jo says the bunkers at the site were expanded ready for this year’s harvest.

“We installed new concrete walled bunkers at Frances which are double the capacity of the previous bunkers,” Jo says.

“This investment was made to ensure the site could receive the larger yields this year, with our close work with growers determining that the area was expecting an above average crop.”

Jo says growers have been very happy with how the site has been managed this season.

“Growers’ general feedback was they didn’t even realise Tuesday was the site’s busiest ever day, because deliveries were managed so smoothly and efficiently.

“This feedback is fantastic for the three permanent and nine harvest employees who have been working particularly hard over the festive period.”

Viterra Western region Operations Manager Nick Pratt says receivals in the region had slowed as the harvest wraps up.

“Staff are working hard to ensure sites are clean and tidy as they start to close to grower receivals as the harvest ends, while also managing grain in storage and outturning to accommodate the busy shipping programme,” Nick says.

Viterra Central region Operations Manager Jack Tansley says the region had up to 12 sites open over the past two weeks, with volumes reducing leading up to Christmas and then further reducing between Christmas and the New Year.

“The majority of the receivals were into Port Giles, Gladstone, Roseworthy and Saddleworth,” Jack says.

“Sites are beginning to close to grower receivals as we prepare stocks for our rail and shipping programme. We expect most harvesting in the region will be completed this next week.”

Viterra Operations Manager Michael Hill says as harvest draws to an end, the business has opened its annual postharvest survey to gain valuable feedback from our customers.

“Each year, we conduct a postharvest survey to obtain feedback from our grower customers on our operations, customer service, communication and valued services,” Michael says.

“This year we have introduced a shorter survey for carrier customers to complete as well.

“The survey is an important tool we use to ensure we continuously improve and provide a valuable and efficient service to our customers.”


* This data is subject to variation due to individual site operations and the timing of reports.
** The total 2020/21 data includes grain received into Viterra’s storage and handling network since 3 October 2020.
*** Eastern region data includes Inner Harbour and Victorian sites.

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Viterra Frances Harvest Workers (L-R) Lily Hannaford, Anna Will, Kelly Will, Bianca Johnson and Grace Davies.