Grain deliveries into Viterra break 10 year record

Growers delivered over one and a half million tonnes of grain into Viterra sites from 29 November to 5 December, in the biggest week of receivals since the 2010/11 harvest. The large volume of deliveries means that total grain in the Viterra network now stands at 2.6 million tonnes. 

Receivals were highest mid-week with growers delivering over 250,000 tonnes on Wednesday, which was the largest day since the 2017/18 harvest.

Some sites in Viterra’s Western and Eastern regions saw their busiest ever day last week, including Wudinna which broke its record and Edillilie and Monarto South which beat theirs two days in a row.

Viterra’s Central region received the most grain last week with over 745,000 tonnes delivered by growers. 

Viterra Operations Manager Michael Hill says it is great to see growers have the opportunity to get their grain into storage with a good run of warmer weather. 

“Our permanent employees and 1500 harvest workers have put in a tremendous effort to support growers through this busy period and help them deliver grain into their local sites safely and efficiently. This includes extended opening hours and new technology to make the process as quick and smooth as possible,” says Michael.

The grain deliveries coincide with a significant demand from international buyers in Viterra’s system for South Australian grain, with 4.5 million tonnes of forward shipping bookings for 13 exporters already in place. 

Five ships carrying new season grain have already set sail from Viterra’s Outer Harbor, Port Lincoln, Wallaroo, Thevenard and Inner Harbour port terminals.

“It reflects the strong demand for South Australian and western Victorian grain in our system and gives wider options for growers when selling their grain,” says Michael.