Viterra publishes planting survey results and updates to its segregations

Viterra’s planting survey results are now available along with updated preliminary segregation plans for each of the regions in the Viterra network.

Viterra thanks its grower customers who provided their feedback in the planting survey. The feedback helps Viterra to refine its segregations to meet growers’ needs at storage and handling sites, to maintain market access for their grain, and to ensure grain meets the requirements of end use customers.

The survey had more than 700 responses this year, providing crop profiles on what is being grown across the state, as well as a Viterra donation of $1000 each to three regional community groups on behalf of growers who completed the questionnaire.

The results show an increase in wheat and lentil plantings across the state, and a reduction in barley plantings at just over 5% compared with the previous season.

The main barley varieties sown are Spartacus and Compass, making up a total of 75% of the barley crop. There is a further decrease in Scope barley plantings this year.

Nipper type lentils also increased as a result of more plantings of Highland lentil variety.

Following feedback received from growers, buyers and end use customers, Viterra has made changes to its malt barley segregations. Viterra has introduced changes to its lentil grades and segregations to ensure grain can meet market requirements. These changes, a summary of the crop profile by port zone and site group, and updated preliminary segregation plans are available on the Viterra website.

Viterra is pleased to donate $1000 each to the three community groups nominated by growers who completed the planting survey.

Congratulations to the three survey winners and their community group of choice:

  • Trevor Cliff, Eyre Peninsula, nominated Kimba Show Society 
  • Greg Klopp, Yorke Peninsula, nominated Maitland Apex Group
  • Anonymous grower, nominated Kapunda Homes.