Viterra service that gives South Australian grain growers $millions in value

A simple but effective upgrading service for grain delivered to Viterra sites has provided  approximately $15M in value to South Australian growers over the last three years.

Launched with the 2018/19 harvest, Viterra’s ‘dynamic binning’ enables growers to instantly upgrade their wheat and barley, giving them more money in their pocket.

The service offers the flexibility and potential for growers to access a higher grade for loads that are just outside of receival standards. The dynamic binning is instant, with the grade printed on the ticket at site and immediately available to transact.

Under the programme, grain can be upgraded when the classification results for the load are within the tolerance zone for protein, screenings or test weight. The higher grade will be given if all other quality requirements are met, such as variety and maximum residue limits, and the average quality of the individual stack at the site continues to meet receival standards.

Viterra Operations Manager Michael Hill says the business carefully monitors the quality of grain that growers deliver to Viterra storage facilities.

“We have made significant investments in grain IT systems to monitor the quality of stacks in real time. This means we can offer dynamic binning with confidence to growers and continue to meet our end customers’ outturn needs,” Michael says.

Dynamic binning also creates a more efficient classification process and improves turnaround times for growers at harvest due to fewer requests for retests.

New Viterra grower services for the harvest include an updated app, a digital delivery advice and flexible payment options.

The Viterra app has undergone significant enhancements ahead of the 2021/22 harvest which also includes a digital delivery advice to save growers’ time by streamlining their delivery process. A new main menu will be released soon with improved navigation, and growers can access a customisable snapshot of their account without needing to login. 

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