Viterra boosts service offering

In September, 3,500 tonnes were delivered into Viterra sites, mainly in the Eastern region.

As harvest draws closer, Viterra has added its new port direct to further strengthen its service offering to its customers.

Viterra Chief Operations Officer James Murray says that both grower and buyer customers can benefit from the service which offers up to $11.10 per tonne reduction in receival fees.

"It enables buyers to purchase grain directly from growers ahead of when they have a vessel booked to load, and provides growers who prefer to store their grain on farm with greater flexibility to sell it directly to port compared to accessing Viterra's full-service supply chain," James says.

Port direct is available for postharvest deliveries and upon a buyer's call option.

Viterra's digital delivery advice is another new service available to growers and their farming business saving them time and streamlining their delivery process.

The service creates efficiencies for growers as they can prefill regularly entered information and duplicate delivery advices. It also saves time during the delivery process at site by reducing the amount of information entered while a load is being classified.

"We've already received very positive feedback on the digital delivery advice and I look forward to seeing it become a valuable tool for our customers," James says.

"The introduction of these services reflects our continued investment into our supply chain to provide our grower customers with an efficient service, and we look forward to continuing to meet that throughout the harvest."

The digital delivery advice is available in the Viterra app which makes it easier for growers to do business as they can quickly access information about their preferred delivery sites, login to Ezigrain, and receive app notifications with details of their delivered load and operational information. With warehouse to cash, growers can also instantly sell and transfer their warehoused grain to a cash price.