High demand for new season grain from the Viterra network

More than 3.5 million tonnes of South Australian growers’ new season grain from the Viterra network has set sail on vessels around the world.

The high volumes of grain for export translates to around 750,000 tonnes of commodities being loaded each month, since December last year.

Viterra Chief Operations Officer – Australia James Murray says the strong demand for new season grain from the Viterra network is reflected in a bumper shipping programme, increased number of destinations and more exporters compared to previous years.

“Our focus is connecting growers with buyers and international markets, so it’s fantastic that we are able to provide growers with access to even more destinations. It really reflects the significant value Viterra offers to growers when they deliver into our network,” James says.

South Australian malting barley has recently been shipped to Peru and Ecuador – two new export markets. Durum wheat has headed to North Africa for the first time in five years, and wheat has been sent to Korea.

“We also have an increased number of exporters as well. Among the 40 buyers in our network, 13 are exporters sending grain globally,” James says.

Exporter Commex International has recently transitioned to the bulk export market utilising Viterra’s supply chain to load its first bulk cargo with faba beans.

“We’re working closely with each of our customers to adapt to their needs in a complex and challenging environment so they continue to source South Australian grain from our network,” James says.

“The huge benefit of this for growers who deliver to Viterra, is they have a great deal of choice and flexibility when it comes to selling their grain and working with different buyers.”

Across Viterra’s six terminals, wheat, barley, faba beans, lentils, and canola have all headed offshore.

Viterra’s Port Lincoln terminal has reached its one million tonne milestone, with Outer Harbor expected to achieve the same later this month.

“It’s a significant achievement to be reaching these high volumes and most importantly, doing it safely and efficiently. Congratulations to all our employees,” James says.

“We are continuing to work closely with our buyer and grower customers during this solid shipping programme, and planning for the next harvest, to create added value wherever we can.”