Growers sell 2+ million tonnes of grain online through warehouse to cash

Viterra’s warehouse to cash has become a valued marketing tool for growers, allowing them to quickly and easily sell their warehoused grain online.

Growers have sold and transferred over 2.3 million tonnes through the service since its introduction prior to the 2020/21 harvest.

This includes over 600,000 tonnes transferred and sold this season, where so far 26 buyers have posted cash prices for warehoused grain at sites across our network.

Warehouse to cash enables growers to instantly sell and transfer their warehoused grain to a cash price online without needing to contact the buyer beforehand.

In three easy steps, growers can select their stock to transfer, compare prices and payment terms from multiple buyers, and submit a transfer to instantly sell their warehoused grain.

Growers can choose from multiple cash pricing options when selling their grain through warehouse to cash.

Daily cash prices are available to immediately transact with a buyer’s standard payment terms, and growers who have met the buyer’s sustainability requirements can sell their grain to a sustainable cash price.

Cash pricing with extended payment terms allows growers to access non-standard payment terms, which are longer than what the buyer usually offers.

Growers can access warehouse to cash through the Ezigrain website or Viterra app, where they can check and compare live cash prices and payment terms from multiple buyers and view their stock in warehouse. Growers can also check live cash pricing on the Viterra website.

Warehouse to cash is available for current season warehoused grain and growers can sell and transfer a maximum of 250 tonnes per transaction.

This service is in addition to existing options for growers to sell and contract their grain. Viterra’s grower customers benefit from access to 45 buyers including 18 exporters in its system, giving them more choice when selling their grain thanks to the high demand for southern Australian grain delivered to Viterra.

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