Viterra opens planting survey for grower feedback

Viterra is calling for growers to complete its annual planting survey which opened this week. The survey asks for feedback on plantings for the 2024/25 harvest to help inform the company’s segregations and plan elevation capacity at sites.

Viterra General Manager Operations, Gavin Cavanagh says the feedback growers provide through the survey on the commodities, varieties and hectares they have sown for the season, and how this compares to last year is valuable in the company’s harvest planning process.

“We encourage all our grower customers to complete the planting survey. By knowing what’s been planted, we can plan ahead,” Gavin says.

“The information we receive informs our segregation plans and helps us plan elevation capacity to ensure we can provide an efficient and effective service for growers and carriers during the busy harvest period.”

Gavin says Viterra is continuing to work towards confirming its draft segregation plans which were released in April.

“We released our draft segregation plans early to give growers time to provide their feedback. Thank you to those who have reached out with comments on what their local site is planning to receive, which we are currently reviewing,” Gavin says.

“The information we gain through the planting survey will support the feedback growers have already provided, helping us confirm if any changes are needed to ensure we meet their requirements.

“This year, we have also added an optional question asking for feedback on our draft segregation plans for those who wish to provide site specific feedback at the same time as completing the survey.”

In addition to the feedback received in the planting survey, Viterra will continue to have discussions with silo committee members and individual growers in the lead up to harvest to understand any changing needs and review segregations as required based on feedback and seasonal conditions.

The survey can be accessed from the Viterra website, Growers who prefer to provide their feedback over the phone can contact Viterra on 1800 018 205.

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