Viterra seeks grower feedback on draft segregations for 2024/25 harvest

Viterra is encouraging growers to provide feedback on its draft segregation plan for the 2024/25 harvest to help ensure segregations match their needs.

Key changes include an overall increase in segregations for Nipper type lentils, genetically modified (GM) canola and Commodus malt barley, following the variety receiving its malt accreditation. Segregations for field peas and Spartacus, Compass and Planet malt barley have reduced based on a decline in plantings.

Viterra General Manager Operations, Gavin Cavanagh says the draft segregation plans are based on discussions with growers on what they plan to plant this year.

“We have been working with our grower customers to understand what they will grow this season and use this information to help inform our segregations, while also considering how we can maximise elevation capacity and minimise turnaround times during harvest,” Gavin says.

“Particularly in areas where we are still working through requirements, for example the split between GM and non-GM canola in the mid north, we will continue to seek feedback to help determine which sites will receive certain commodities or grades.”

Viterra has released its draft segregation plans early to give growers time to provide their feedback.

“As the season progresses, we will work closely with growers to understand their needs and make changes to the plans as required based on feedback and seasonal conditions,” Gavin says.

“We encourage growers to get in touch to provide their feedback on what we are planning to receive at their local site to help us match segregations to their needs.”

Growers can provide feedback on Viterra’s draft segregation plans by contacting their local grower relationship manager, operations manager or site contact.

Growers can also submit feedback online through a new form on the Viterra website. The form is simple to complete, and growers can request to be contacted by Viterra to discuss their comments.

In the coming months, Viterra will also seek feedback on growers’ plantings through its annual planting survey, to help further inform the company’s segregations.

To view Viterra’s draft segregation plan, find contact details for Viterra representatives, or provide feedback online, visit

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