Viterra showcases South Australian grain at AGIC Asia

Viterra attended the 2024 Australian Grains Industry Conference (AGIC) Asia last week to promote South Australian (SA) growers’ grain and the Viterra network to an international audience.


Viterra is proud to sponsor the annual conference which showcases the Australian grain industry.

Viterra General Manager Supply Chain, Derek Robjohns presented at the event to attendees including buyers, end use customers, consumers and regulators from across Asia.

Derek gave a summary of the recent 2023/24 harvest where growers delivered over 5.6 million tonnes into our sites. He spoke about the consistent high quality of wheat, barley, canola and pulses produced by SA growers.

Derek also highlighted Viterra’s important role in connecting growers’ grain to global markets.

“We work closely with our grower, buyer and end use customers to provide an efficient, reliable and flexible supply chain to meet their changing needs and have now moved more than 3.2 million tonnes through our network to international and domestic markets this season,” Derek says.

Derek’s presentation included an overview of Viterra’s food safety and quality management focus, which is integrated into every stage of our operations.

“We hold the highest certification of any grain supply chain in Australia, and test grain for quality at least four times at various points along our supply chain before export which helps ensure we meet end use requirements,” Derek says.

Viterra has a strong focus on building relationships within the grain industry, and the event provided the opportunity to connect with our buyer and end use customers.

“It was great to speak with buyers and end users from across Asia to understand how we can continue to meet their needs,” Derek says.

“We received positive feedback from our customers who are impressed with the high quality of grain they receive from our network, which is a credit to the hard work of SA growers.

“Barley customers from China also commented that they were pleased to source grain from the Viterra network again, after we exported SA barley for the first time this season following the removal of the tariff on Australian barley exports last year.”

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