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Monthly receivals report

Monday 7 June to Sunday 4 July 2021 report

  7 June - 4 July 2021 Total 2020/21 harvest**
Viterra total receivals* 7,565 tonnes 5,922,730 tonnes
Western region receivals 68 tonnes 1,765,791 tonnes
Central region receivals 153 tonnes 2,563,341 tonnes
Eastern region receivals*** 7,344 tonnes 1,593,598 tonnes

South Australian growers' grain heads globally

South Australian growers delivered around 7500 tonnes into the Viterra network last month. Deliveries comprised of mainly lentils and barley into the Eastern region.

This forms part of around six million tonnes that growers delivered during the 2020/21 harvest, of which Viterra has outturned five million tonnes on bulk vessels for the export market since the start of the season. It signals South Australian grain continuing to be in high demand.

Viterra Chief Operations Officer James Murray says outturning this volume of grain in a nine month period is very positive for the South Australian grain industry.

“It’s very pleasing to achieve such a milestone. It highlights the quality of the grain that growers delivered into our system, which is greatly sought after by buyers and end use customers around the world," James says.

“It also demonstrates the efficiency of our supply chain and that we can move large amounts of grain through our network quickly to provide value to our customers.

“Growers benefit from wide market access and have a number of buyers to choose from in the Viterra system – and we are focused on outturning grain safely and efficiently so this continues."

The five million tonne figure is close to double the volume that had been shipped in the same time last year.

Ten exporters in the Viterra system have shipped to 28 destinations globally with vessels of wheat, barley, canola and pulses.

“Our employees have been doing an outstanding job getting grain to the right places at the right times," James says.

1500 harvest jobs now open for expressions of interest

As part of its preparations for the 2020/21 harvest, Viterra is seeking expressions of interest for 1500 seasonal workers to help bring in this year's new season grain.

Viterra Operations Manager Michael Hill says harvest employees play an important part in providing growers with a high level of service during the busy time of harvest.

“A range of roles are available to work at our 55 sites across the network and anyone can apply. We provide all training in a supportive team environment, so no experience is necessary,” Michael says.

Expressions of interest are open on the Viterra website and by signing up, job seekers will be kept up to date with the latest news and information including when applications open.

Viterra seeks grower feedback through planting survey 

Further preparations for Viterra includes its 2021/22 planting survey which opened last week and is inviting grower feedback on what has been sown this year.

Viterra Operations Manager Michael Hill says feedback provided in the survey helps Viterra to refine its segregation plan at sites to meet growers’ needs.

“It also ensures we can maintain market access for the grain in our system and ensure it meets the requirements of end use customers,” Michael says.

More information and the survey can be accessed on the Viterra website.


* This data is subject to variation due to individual site operations and the timing of reports.
** The total 2020/21 data includes grain received into Viterra’s storage and handling network since 3 October 2020.
*** Eastern region data includes Inner Harbour and Victorian sites.

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