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___2023.24 weekly receivals report.5818644688730236978.jpg

Monthly receivals report

Monday 4 to Sunday 31 March 2024 report

  4 to 31 March 2024 Total 2023/24 harvest**
Viterra total receivals* 23,568 tonnes 5,646,437 tonnes
Western region receivals 7,822 tonnes 1,891,470 tonnes
Central region receivals 7,838 tonnes 2,341,382 tonnes
Eastern region receivals 7,908 tonnes 1,413,585 tonnes

Viterra has outturned 4.3 million tonnes of grain this season, equivalent to 75% of the 5.6 million tonnes growers delivered to our sites during the 2023/24 harvest - creating value for growers as we deliver their grain to market early in the season when demand is high.

To reach this, employees have loaded 4 million tonnes of grain for export and outturned 320,000 tonnes domestically between October and March.

Viterra General Manager Supply Chain, Derek Robjohns says this is a fantastic achievement so early on in the year.

“Having a strong early shipping programme is great news for growers as we have been able to move their grain to market when demand is at its highest before the Northern Hemisphere harvest begins,” Derek says.

“Our ability to do this safely and efficiently demonstrates the strength and reliability of our supply chain and provides value to our grower and buyer customers.”

Derek says employees across our network have been busy working to meet the demand at our six port terminals.

“We have now loaded over 1 million tonnes onto vessels at each of our Port Lincoln and Outer Harbor terminals,” Derek says.

“We are also exporting lentils at a record pace from our Wallaroo port to meet the needs of buyers, where we are seeing strong demand after we received the commodity at the site for the first time this season.

“Thank you and well done to our team who continue to work hard to connect growers’ grain to end users around the world, and to our logistics partners for their ongoing support.”

During the month, growers delivered around 23,000 tonnes into Viterra sites.

Viterra wraps up regional postharvest meetings, gears up for 2024/25 harvest

Viterra recently concluded its regional postharvest meetings, bringing together employees and grower representatives from across its Western, Central and Eastern regions. The meetings served as a valuable platform to reflect on the 2023/24 harvest and plan for the upcoming season.

Open discussions allowed for feedback from both employees and growers, giving Viterra crucial insights into what worked well and where optimisations can be made.

Attendees were provided a market update from Viterra traders, who covered ongoing global market impacts on prices and demand for South Australian grain.

Plans for the 2024/25 harvest were also discussed by attendees. Key topics included Viterra’s segregation plan to ensure we meet growers’ needs and upcoming investments aimed at enhancing efficiency and service offerings for customers.

Viterra General Manager Operations, Gavin Cavanagh emphasised the importance of these meetings.

"They provide an incredibly effective way to gather feedback from those closest to the harvest," Gavin says.

"This allows us to understand what changes would work best for both employees and growers, while also keeping everyone informed about our business activities and market developments.”

By working collaboratively with growers and employees, Viterra is well-positioned to ensure a successful 2024/25 harvest and deliver exceptional service through our supply chain.

Viterra releases postharvest survey results and future focus areas

We have released a review of our 2023/24 postharvest survey, where growers and carriers were invited to share feedback on their experience delivering to Viterra during harvest.

The review includes a summary of feedback received on our storage and handling services, safety focus and communication and digital platforms, and what we are doing in response.

Read the full summary on our website.

Viterra showcases South Australian grain at AGIC Asia

At the beginning of March, Viterra attended the 2024 Australian Grains Industry Conference (AGIC) Asia to promote South Australian (SA) growers’ grain and the Viterra network to an international audience.

We are proud to sponsor the annual conference which showcases the Australian grain industry.

Viterra General Manager Supply Chain, Derek Robjohns presented at the event to attendees including buyers, end use customers, consumers and regulators from across Asia.

Read more.

Port Lincoln.png
Port Lincoln.png

Vessel loading at our Port Lincoln terminal

* This data is subject to variation due to individual site operations and the timing of reports.
** The total 2023/24 data includes grain received into Viterra’s storage and handling network since 25 September 2023.

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