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Weekly harvest report

Week ending Sunday 9 January 2022 report

  3 - 9 January Total 2021/22 harvest**
Viterra total receivals* 76,735 tonnes 5,644,875 tonnes
Western region receivals 22,721 tonnes 1,986,890 tonnes
Central region receivals 24,178 tonnes 2,568,999 tonnes
Eastern region receivals*** 29,836 tonnes 1,088,986 tonnes

Growers delivered 75,000 tonnes into the Viterra network in the past week bringing total receivals to 5.6 million tonnes. 

Viterra Operations Manager Michael Hill says the majority of deliveries were wheat followed by faba beans and barley.

"With the 2021/22 harvest drawing to a close, Viterra will continue to provide delivery options for growers delivering grain remaining on farm," Michael says.

"Deliveries to Viterra sites throughout the network are available by appointment and arrangements can be made by contacting the regional office."

Grain delivered to a Viterra site from 1 February 2022 will be received under the postharvest delivery procedure. For more information, visit our website.

Please note: this will be the last 2021/22 weekly harvest report. Viterra will now release our monthly receivals report commencing 8 February 2022.

* This data is subject to variation due to individual site operations and the timing of reports.
** The total 2021/22 data includes grain received into Viterra’s storage and handling network since 6 October 2021.
*** Eastern region data includes Inner Harbour and Victorian sites.

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