New Viterra services to help get growers’ grain to market

Viterra is well prepared and ready for the 2021/22 harvest, with new services released for growers and buyers accessing the Viterra network.

Viterra works closely with its grower and buyer customers to understand their needs and invest in its services and supply chain where it creates greatest value for its customers.

In response to feedback, Viterra has released its new port direct service ahead of the 2021/22 harvest which enables its grower and buyer customers to access up to $11.10 per tonne reduction in receival fees. Port direct offers flexibility for growers who prefer to store their grain on farm, to sell it directly to port. Buyers can purchase grain directly from growers ahead of when they have a vessel booked to load.

Port direct is available for postharvest deliveries and is upon a buyer’s call option.

Viterra has also invested in technology to save growers’ time and streamline their delivery process. The new digital delivery advice can be used in place of the hard copy book and enables growers to prefill information, duplicate delivery advices and complete a single declaration for each commodity and variety in a paddock.

Growers also have multiple cash payment options to choose from through warehouse to cash in the Viterra app and at site. In addition to daily cash prices available at site and through warehouse to cash, other options include:

  • new extended payment terms available through warehouse to cash with longer payment terms
  • sustainable cash which is now available at site as well as through warehouse to cash which growers can access provided they have met the buyer’s sustainability requirements.

Growers can also benefit from a new main menu in the Viterra app making it easier for growers to access their preferred information through customisable display settings and enhanced navigation.

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