Everything you need to know before delivering to Viterra this harvest

Viterra has released its 2021/22 harvest information containing key changes and new services for growers delivering to Viterra sites.

The information, which is available on the Viterra website, was sent to growers via email, SMS and app notification. It includes COVID-19 measures and guidelines, classification, receival standards, safety, mass management and new services.

Viterra encourages all growers to check the website so they are aware of changes before visiting one of its sites.

Viterra is focused on continuing to provide a valuable and efficient service to its grower customers, and invests around $40 million each year directed to where it creates the greatest value for them.

Port direct is one of the new services which enables growers who store their grain on farm to access a reduction in receival fees of up to $11.10 per tonne for their postharvest deliveries. Buyers can purchase grain directly from growers ahead of when they have a vessel booked to load.

Viterra recently released its new digital delivery advice which saves growers time and streamlines their delivery process. The new service creates efficiencies for growers as they can prefill regularly entered information and duplicate delivery advices. It saves time during the delivery process at site by reducing the amount of information entered while a load is being classified.

The digital delivery advice joins Viterra’s warehouse to cash in the Viterra app which enables growers to instantly sell and transfer their warehoused grain to a cash price. With warehouse to cash, growers can sell and transfer in an easy three step process, check and compare prices and payment terms from multiple buyers, and view cash prices and available stock in warehouse.

Dynamic binning continues to be available giving growers the opportunity for an immediate upgrade of their wheat and barley deliveries. Since its introduction, dynamic binning has delivered approximately $15 million in value directly to growers.

More information on our new services