Food safety and quality management essential in Viterra network

More than 4.5 million tonnes of grain has set sail this season from Viterra’s port terminals across South Australia, connecting growers with end use customers around the world.

Viterra has a strong focus of providing local growers with access to a number of markets both locally and internationally. With a significant shipping schedule for the company underway, food safety and quality management is a key priority for market access.

Viterra Chief Operations Officer James Murray says quality management and food safety is integrated into all of Viterra’s activities.

“It helps us to ensure we meet our end use customers’ needs, as well as the varying requirements of the countries that are importing the grain,” James says.

Viterra holds a number of certifications and accreditations demonstrating the business’ continued focus of creating value for growers through access to several markets.

One example of this is ISO 22000:2018 certification, which meets the highest international standards in food safety and quality management, and the highest of any grain supply chain in Australia. All of Viterra’s facilities are ISO 22000:2018 certified and the company has held ISO 22000 certification for more than 20 years, which it continues to meet as updates to the standards are introduced.

“We also have a state of the art laboratory which plays an important role in our food safety and quality standards,” James says.

“The purpose built facility supports our network of sites across South Australia and western Victoria by testing samples of grain taken at multiple points along the supply chain, as well as overseeing all testing conducted at Viterra sites.”

As the strong demand for grain from the Viterra network continues, the company is working closely with its buyer customers, as well as its grower customers as it prepares for the next harvest.

For more information, visit the Viterra website.