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Health and safety

We believe that all fatalities and injuries are preventable, and that we can create safe workplaces for all our people. Providing a safe work environment for workers, visitors and the communities we operate in is our highest priority.

Our ultimate goal is for all our workplaces to be free from incidents and injuries.

A safe and healthy working environment is essential for the long-term wellbeing of our people and the sustainability of our business.

We require all visitors to our sites to comply with relevant legislation, company and site specific requirements, adhere to relevant codes of practice, maintain all applicable licences, registrations and insurance and follow employee instructions to ensure the safety of all people on site. More information about safety on site

To ensure everyone who delivers or outturns grain, or carries out work at one of our sites knows the rules and maintains applicable licences, registrations and insurance, we require them to have a relevant and up to date safety card. More information about our safety cards


Our global health and safety programme, SafeAgri, enables everyone in our business to focus consistently on creating safer workplaces.

SafeAgri is focused on eliminating fatalities, preventing injuries and improving our safety culture. Through SafeAgri, we aim to bring about long-term sustainable change by giving everyone the knowledge and tools they need to create safe workplaces and to perform their work safely.

Above all, SafeAgri empowers every individual to stop their work if they do not think it is safe.

SafeAgri focuses on four elements:

  • life-saving behaviours
  • safety leadership development
  • catastrophic hazard management frameworks
  • fatal hazard protocols

The programme is implemented across our entire network, read more about our global business’ approach to health and safety.

Safety on site

Find information on Viterra's site safety rules which must be adhered to by all visitors and safety card information and registration

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Safety cards

Growers, carriers and contractors are required to have a relevant safety card at a Viterra site

Find out which card you need
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