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Delivering and storing


We provide services that make it easier for you to do business with us. Many of our recent new services are a result of significant investment in technology advancements.

Introducing digital delivery advice

Our newest service for the 2021/22 harvest.
Save time and streamline your delivery process with Viterra’s new digital delivery advice.

Prefill regularly entered information and duplicate delivery advices. Reduce the amount of information entered while a load is being classified saving you time at site.

Available in the Viterra app in place of the hard copy book. It can be used by all members of your farming business. More information

Viterra app

Making it easier for growers to do business. Find out about the great features the Viterra app offers growers in a clear and easy to use format.

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Warehouse to cash

Instantly sell and transfer warehoused grain to a cash price in three easy steps. Find information on Viterra's warehouse to cash service.

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Digital delivery advice

Save time and streamline your delivery process with digital delivery advice. Prefill regularly entered information and duplicate delivery advices. Reduce the amount of informati...

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Dynamic binning

Find information on our dynamic binning service, which offers growers the chance to have their wheat and barley instantly upgraded.

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Ezigrain is our login portal where growers and buyers can do business and view individual information.

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Quality statistics

Find the weighted average quality data for grower receivals into Viterra sites.

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Strategic site committees

Find contact information for Viterra's strategic site committee chairs, a key communication point between growers and Viterra.

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