Fees terms and conditions.jpg
Fees terms and conditions.jpg

Making deliveries

Fees, terms and conditions

Viterra’s fee structure reflects the most efficient operations of the storage and handling network long term. The structure is designed to encourage growers and commercial customers to use the most efficient sites and ports.

Storage and handling service fees are paid by our commercial customers, and it is at their discretion how they reflect Viterra’s cost-based charging structure in their site based pricing to grower customers.

Delivering value to you

Our focus is on providing the most efficient supply chain in Australia to the long term benefit of our grower customers.

We invest around $40 million each year in our supply chain to create ongoing and future value for our customers including on elevation capacity, improving turnaround times, enhancing our operations and upgrading infrastructure and technologies.

We continue to make investments into our service offering such as through dynamic binning, the Viterra app, warehouse to cash and digital delivery advice, all of which have been major projects which have created value for our customers.

Our continued improvements helps keep us the supply chain of choice for domestic and international buyers, of which we have around 45+ in our system, who purchase your grain to send around the world.

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