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Delivery declaration banner.jpg

Making deliveries

Delivery declaration

You are required to complete a delivery advice and declaration for each delivery to a Viterra site.

You are must answer the following declaration questions for each delivery:

  • Is this delivery current season of production?
  • Is this a genetically modified variety?
  • Has there been any application of chemical to this grain during planting, growing and since the harvest until this delivery point?
    • If yes, has the application of chemical complied with all relevant legislation and the manufacturers’ label instructions?
  • Have any chemicals with the following active ingredients been applied post sowing?
    • Glyphosate
    • Imidazolinone (IMI) herbicides (eg. imazapyr, imazamox, imazapic, imazaquin, etc)
    • Haloxyfop

All canola growers still using the delivery advice book must use the latest version. Hard copy books are available from sites and regional offices.

Growers can continue to use older versions of the book for other commodities, but if you select a cash or pool option, we will warehouse your grain. Read more about the change to purchase options available at classification from the 2023/24 harvest.

Completing the delivery advice and declaration form

Ensure all fields on the form are completed prior to presenting a load at the classification office.

If a carrier is delivering the load on behalf of a grower and does not have the required information, they must contact the grower and make every effort to ensure the information on the form is accurate.

Growers and carriers also need to record the last load carried on the form. If our employees identify a contaminant on the vehicle at any stage of the receival process the load will be declined and future loads may require the last three loads to be declared.

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