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Making deliveries

National Grower Register

National Grower Register

Growers delivering or contracting grain, at any Viterra sites are required to register with the National Grower Register (NGR). This is a free service and gives you a simple method for keeping contact and business details up to date.

The NGR database does not contain delivery details or stock information, nor does NGR undertake any payments (which remain the responsibility of the buyer).

Ticketing errors

Growers who maintain up to date details with the NGR and accurately quote the NGR and contract numbers when delivering grain to a Viterra site will be best placed to have their payment processed as quickly as possible.

If grain is delivered on an NGR number that does not match the NGR number listed on the contract, receival information cannot be processed correctly.

This is particularly important if growers have more than one NGR number. A mismatch of NGR information could delay payment.

Growers can update their details with NGR by calling 1800 556 630. For further information about the NGR visit

Grower to grower transfers

Growers who deliver to a share farm NGR card at harvest need to market the grain together.

To market or warehouse the grain separately, it has to be transferred to an individual 100% card (based on the share card split). Contact us on 1800 018 205 if you wish to transfer grain between NGR cards.

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