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Delivering to port banner.png

Making deliveries

Deliveries to port

Deliveries into Inner Harbour, Port Lincoln and Wallaroo

Inner Harbour, Port Lincoln and Wallaroo are primarily export shipping terminals as well as the local delivery points for some growers.

The port terminals are managed to facilitate shipping requirements to meet peak demands and maximise the efficiency of the storage and handling network, for the benefit of growers, exporters and the industry.

At Wallaroo, the local grower delivery line is open to enable all growers to deliver directly into the site.

At Inner Harbour, Viterra also opened the local grower delivery line for all pulses to enable all growers to deliver pulses directly into the site.

Growers within the local delivery zone for Inner Harbour and Port Lincoln will be able to deliver all other commodities in line with available segregations.

Growers (other than growers delivering pulses to Inner Harbour) outside the local delivery zone may be able to deliver when certain commodities are required for shipping. 

Port direct

Sell your grain stored on farm to a buyer for delivery direct to port postharvest ahead of when they have a vessel booked to load

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